JKT48 Explanation


We want to create place for Indonesian girls to realize their dream. With their fans, we want to create the only one “Orsinil Indonesian Idol”. This is the main inspiration we launched JKT48.

All member of JKT48 will fight to realize their dream to be a rea idol. To do it, they will high dedicated to their activities. Not only dance and sing, but also the talent or other appearances. Come, come and see the members fought hard to realize their dreams. AKB48 to be successful as it grows "with" fans so that they can achieve such a position at this time. We want to follow the footsteps JKT48 idol group AKB48 to be close to the fans and also develop close relationships with them. We believe that the support of the fans will bring JKT48 to a higher level, starting from idol group based in Jakarta to become known throughout the world.

JKT48 Logo

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